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Important Dates to remember

Thursday, 25 July 2019 Junior Photos All players & Team officials in full uniform
Thursday, 22 August 2019 Redsox Club AGM 5.30pm to 6.30pm
Saturday, 12 October 2019 Mens Winter Season Windup Details to follow


Redsox Summer Registrations are now open.

10Aug2019. Another senior major milestone today for none other than our intrepid leader, Club President Warren Frost. Well done and congratulations on your 200th Redsox game.

03Aug2019 Another Senior milestone this week goes to our current Equipment Officer. Congratulations and well done to John Crombie on his 100th Redsox game

27 July2019 Another junior milestone, this time it's Chad Johnson from our U16 team, celebrating his
100th Redsox game.

20Jul 2019. And another milestone, this time it's Corey Penn achieving his 50 Redsox game badge. Congratulations and well done Corey

20Jul2019. Yet another milestone, this time it's Jordan Orr achieving his 50 game badge. Congratulations and well done Jordan.

13Jul2019. Congratulations and well done to our Division Five pitcher, Zachary Orr, on achieving 50 Redsox games today. Well done Zach.

13Jul2019. Congratulations and well done to our Division Eight coach and longtime club member Paul Cutiar who today achieved 200 Redsox games. Well done Paul.

12Jul2019. Another milestone tonight, this time to Zayd Goraya who has recently joined our Div 3 team to help with relief for their long injury list. Congratulations Zayd on your 50 Redsox games.

06Jul2019. Another milestone today, this one being for Scott Girling on the occasion of his 100th Redsox game. Congratulations and well done Scotty!

29Jun2019 Yet another major milestone today, This time congratulations go out to our Men's Vice President Larry Turner who notched up 300 Redsox games this afternoon. Well done Larry!

22Jun19. Another milestone today by another junior recently elevated to the senior ranks. Well done and congratulations to Stephen Norman on achieving 150 Redsox games

And yet another milestone, this time to a well respected longtime club member. Congratulations and well done to Darren "Dazza" Landwehr on reaching 200 Redsox games.

22Jun19. After last week with dad getting his badge, it was son's turn this week. Congratulations to Jackson Moeller on achieving 150 Redsox games. Well done Jacko!

Congratulations to our highly-esteemed Junior Vice President and Redsox sponsor, Phil Moeller on achieving his 200th game for Redsox, seen here flanked by 2 of his ball-playing family, Jacko and Lohgann.
Well done Poolman!