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28Aug2021. Congratulations go out to Div 8's Ken Orr on achieving 50 Redsox Games

27Aug2021,Congratulations goes out to Div4's Jordan Orr on achieving his100th Redsox game.

27Aug2021.Congratultions to Div5's

Rob Afanasiew on achieveing 50 Redsox Games

21Aug2021. Congratulations goes out to Club Registrar and new Life Member, Larry Turner on reaching the milestone of 350 Redsox Games.

07Aug2021 Another milestone badge this week goes to Div5's Glenn Bathgate. Congratulations on reaching your 50th Redsox game.

31Jul. Congratulations go out to Chad Johnson on achieving 150 Redsox games. Well done Chad!

24 July Congratulations and well done to Club President Phil Moeller on achieving 250 Redsox games.

24 July Congratulations to Div5's Adam Turner on achieving 50 Redsox Games

10Jul21 Triple milestone celebrations today with 3 well known Redsox personalities getting their badges.

L to R Jackson Moeller 200, Dean Lynds 150 and Mark Zagubien 300. Congratulations and well done guys!

26Jun2021 Congratulations and well done to Div 7's Darrell "Dazza" Landwehr on achieveing 250 Redsox Games

12Jun2021 Bennett Aslander 50 Games

12Jun2021 Liam Isles 150 Games


Tonight, Life Member and longtime Redsox stalwart Dan Zagubien passed a huge club milestone when he took the field tonight for Div4 and notched up his 600th Redsox game.

Well Done and congratulations Dan!!

15May2921 Connor Gorham 100 Games

10April2021 Andrew Isles 100 Games

01May2021 Kim Atkin 200 Games